With the 1200 windmill assembly the KFS structure cannot collapse because the heads of the jackscrew are locked with special keys .
Joubert Lacour KFS structures are suitable to any panels with following dimensions : 600×600,600×900,600×300, because of its adaptation to the required dimensions. Furthermore keys help to stop and lock the panels.
KFS XL cage-frame mounts ready to integrate chassis with its 40 x 80 or 40 x 40 KFS XL crossbars .
All the Joubert Lacour cage-frames are developed and manufactured according to EN 12825 from Class 4 to Class 6 Coefficient 2 according to panel type.
KFS XL crossbars have a very low bending when they are loaded . Bridgings of 800, 1000,1250,1500 mm are possible because the pedestals can be installed in every points of the structure.
Joubert Lacour is certified ISO 9001 / 2008
Yes they are so resistant : locked but easy to dismantle with the keys system made in a special tempered steel ( patented system ).
No risk : Joubert Lacour cage-frames are coated with bichromated or galvanised zinc ; wiskers may appear only on electro zinc areas.
No : all parts are anticorrosion treated , 200 Hours Salt Spray after MIG welding ( according to Automotive Norms ) . For very special atmospheres, like seaside, Joubert Lacour may provide 6 faces encapsulated panels, made in galvanised steel and very damp resistant .

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