Supplying of panels for access floor is possible

  • Panels for office buildings with sticked sides , perforated panels, encapsulated 6 faces  23,28,38 mm , class 4, 5, 6 panels.
  • Metal grid panel

Installation of the technical access floor with our technical partner teams

  • Technical rooms
  • Data Center
  • Office buildings
  • Podiums

Expert evaluation of your access floors to check their order according to EN 12825

  • Through our network of experienced expert, holder of qualifications recognized by the legal authorities .

Study of any specific request for specific access floor

  • Dimension of panels
  • Special heights
  • THQE coating
  • Design coating ( wood, stones, pebbles, shellfish, ….)
  • Cage frames, bridgings…

Export logistics department

Distributors  : Maghreb, Switzerland ,..( many countries are still available )

Tests and certification of any couple panel / structure are made in collaboration with our partners VERITAS and SOCOTEC.

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